Nordic Walking Book Cover

10 Things to Know About Nordic Walking

by Janine Lewis

Do you want to get fit and lose weight?

Are you fed up with going to the gym?

Do you like the great outdoors?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes!’ then you should read 10 Things To Know About Nordic Walking by Janine Lewis of 3J fitness.

Developed to maintain the fitness of cross-country skiers during the summer months, Nordic Walking is spreading around the world as a fantastic fitness activity because:

  • It uses 90% of the body’s muscles
  • Burns more calories than jogging
  • No need to get out of breath – go at your own pace
  • Suitable for athletes or novices alike
  • Engages both the upper body and lower body for all-round fitness and toning
  • Easy to do at any fitness level
  • A great way to exercise for the elderly or infirm
  • Improves the posture
  • Enjoy the great outdoors and have fun!

Janine is a Nordic Walking instructor and has helped improve the fitness and strength of clients from top triathletes through to the exercise shy.

Seldom has there ever been a form of exercise that is so much fun yet so accessible and beneficial to the human body. As the Nordic Walker uses two poles (one in each hand) these act as reassuring supports so even people with mobility issues or who are unsteady on their feet can have the confidence to be able to exercise more safely.

If you are looking for a different and fun form of exercise to tone up and lose weight then Nordic Walking is for you.

Instantly downloadable this e-book can be read in under an hour so you get the facts fast! Get your copy of 10 Things To Know About Nordic Walking now and open the door to a new, fun form of exercise and a new you.

About the Expert

Janine is a lover of the great outdoors having been brought up in Australia. She was a keen swimmer, kayaker and backpacker, but over the years she had stopped these hobbies and exercising generally, and put on a lot of weight. As she was approaching her 40th birthday she decided she must take action to lose her excess weight and so with a combination of dog walks, running and Nordic Walking she lost 7 stones and dropped 4 dress sizes

Janine used her Nordic Walking training and her new energy levels to take part in long distance events. Her first ultra-marathon was the Forces March, billed as 5 marathons over 5 days. She did this dressed as a 6ft duck for the Veteran’s Charity. She continued to use Nordic Walking for fitness and keep her weight and blood pressure down. She loved the all over body conditioning and toning from the Nordic poles and at the same she could be exercising her dogs and be outdoors.