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10 Things To Know was created to help you have direct access to an expert’s opinion in the area you want to know about, quickly and easily.

Ever had the feeling that you don’t know enough about something, realise you need a reliable, genuine source of information, but don’t have the time to read an extensive book on the subject?

Your time is the most precious commodity you have. Why buy expensive books which might have 500 pages that you might not need or possibly even read? Over 80% of self-help or self education books purchased are never opened. Why? Because they are often too detailed and take too long to read.

We often simply want the essential facts, on the most important, need-to-know aspects of a subject, in an instantly downloadable, concise, clear and easy to read format. If this is what you want, these 10 Things To Know eBooks are ideal for you!

10 Things To Know is the place where we can all read the top tips from experts on subjects we want to know about. No waffle, no wasted time and all at a great low price!

They are a perfect introduction to get you what you need to know.

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Expert Guides

  • These Guides provide essential facts and knowledge;
  • Written in jargon free language, they are easily read in 30-60 minutes;
  • They can be read anywhere-just download them;
  • They are from an expert whose knowledge of the subject is often based on a lifetime of experience. They provide a real inside view having been there and done it;
  • They are very cost effective- with a far lower cost than most books;
  • Many of our e-Books come with recommended further reading examples if you want to know even more.
  • Most eBooks feature Hyperlinks so you can contact the expert contributor of the e-book direct from your e-Reader device.