10 Things To Know About Coping With Amputation Book Cover

10 Things To Know About Coping With Amputation

by Ray Edwards MBE

In early 1987 Ray Edwards was an able bodied builder and ran his own building company. Less than a year earlier he became the proud father to twins, and life was good. But in late February of that year he cut his hand on a manhole cover and contracted septicaemia. The infection became so severe Ray was admitted to hospital and slipped into a coma. When he awoke, Ray learned that both arms and both legs had been amputated. Suddenly becoming a quad amputee, Ray’s life had changed forever.

In this book Ray discusses many of the issues an amputee encounters during their recovery and rehabilitation, as they face up to a new reality.

This book is intended to help both amputees and people who are limb impaired, as well as those who may be facing the option of amputation. It is also essential reading for their family, friends or carers who would benefit from an insight and understanding into the issues experienced by an amputee.

Contents include;

  • Why Amputation?
  • Why Me?
  • Frustrations
  • Rebuilding Body And Mind
  • Perception
  • Early Days
  • Intimate Issues
  • Learning Curve
  • Acceptance And Asking For Help
  • Using Disability To Form A New Life

This book is a message of hope and practicality told in Ray’s down to earth and easy to understand style.

About the Expert

As well as being the UK’s longest surviving quad amputee, Ray is the Chairman of Limbcare, a charity he helped to set up to assist amputees and the limb impaired across the UK. Through his Queen’s Award winning work Ray has personally spoken to and aided countless amputees to face their new way of life.